​Yoga care -  Live well, rest well...

When:       By appointment- Call to confirm openings
Located :   Capitol Point
                  125 N Hamilton St, Unit 1204, Madison WI, 53703

Experience the benefits of massage for head, neck and back.

Aroma can be added with essential oils and blends to enhance the massage to promote feelings of relaxation and lessen tension.

Sessions:  (20 minutes of massage for $30) OR (30minutes + oils $50)
                                Cash or Check Only

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The benefits of massage have been well proven throughout the ages. ​Massage enhanced with music and aromatherapy with essential oils has been shown to provide benefits to health and well being.

  • Cleanses and soothes the body, including endocrine and nervous system
  • Decreases cortisol
  • Increases dopamine, oxytocin, ACTH, and norepinephrine (mood boosters)
  • Reduces anxiety and increases pleasure
  • Prevents dehydration, nourishes the skin and remedies insomnia
  • Restores balance in the body and mind
  • Removes accumulated toxins and impurities by moving them to the digestive system
  • Lubricates and promotes flexibility of joints, muscles and tendons,  and rejuvenates the skin promoting softness and luster



I provide massage that focuses on the head, neck and back along with aromatherapy enhanced with essential oils and soothing music for relaxation.

Alternatively I offer instruction on techniques for self massage using an Ayurvedic style for daily practice.

                       We have learned that a variety of modalities in Eastern medicine, including massage provides relief from symptoms of anxiety,                                                                  diabetes, cancer, heart problems, pain and nervous system problems. It improves the health of the skin, blood and lymph                                                                                                                                                               ystem circulation along with urinary and digestive sysems.

                      During the troubled times of the 1960's in American history, young people looked for alternatives in healing and gathered for peace to end          war, violence and disease in the world. They showed us the power of human connection: that holding a hand, giving a hug or a strong embrace has healing benefits for healthy living,  love and understanding. 

                      Today more and more healthcare systems are integrating alternative eastern medicine with more mainstream forms of western medicine to treat disease.  In 2012, NHIS (National Health Interview Survey) reported 33% of Americans use complimentary approaches to healthcare including massage. I will work with insurance providers to promote healthy massage services for individuals seeking these services. 
Reach out and touch somebody's hand, make this world a better place, if you can.​